Please join the following vendors at their information for curricular sessions:

Vendor/Company Presenter Presentation Title Session Room
Access 4 Learning (A4L) Steven Smith The Student Data Privacy Consortium; An Introduction - might move 2 LH1020
Adlumin Mark Sangster School of Rock: Lessons Learned In Cyber Attacks Against Educational Institutions 2 2008
Alma Jillian Sciacca Transforming Data Management with Alma 1 2006
Apple Apple Education Accessibility: Empowering All Learners 2 ADP 1145
Apple Apple Education Finding the Right Balance: Strategies for Engaging Early Learners with Technology 3 LH 1020
Apple Apple Education Assistive Technlogy Playground 3 ADP1145
Apple Apple Education Equitable Access in the Classroom: Strategies for Engaging Multilingual Learners with Technology 4 LH 1020
Boxlight Farah Ishan The Importance of Classroom Audio 4 2007
Code Monkey Kelly Susinski, Zack Isakow Introduction to Code Monkey 1 2007
Discovery Education Christa Robles, Dan Stermer Empowering Future STEM Leaders through Innovative Partnerships with Discovery Education 1 3008
Eduscape Jamie Schoenbach Empowering Inclusive Learning with Robotics: Supporting Special Education with Movia 1 2010
Eduscape Jamie Schoenbach Exploring Computational Thinking and Robotics: Transforming Your Classroom with Interactive Learning! 2 2010
EdWeb Larry Cocco Tracy Leigh Donna Reichman Building a Culture of Staff Stamina and Sustainability 2 2006
Harris Educaitonal Soltions Joe Brislin Unleashing Realtime’s RTI Data Analysis Tool for Student Success: Strategies for Effective Utilization 2 2007
Learn21 Clay Bisher, Dylan Klingensmith Navigating the Great Rationalization and Consolidation in K-12 EdTech: Strategies for Prioritizing and Partnering 3 2007 Charlie Souders Kelli Erwin Information Session 3 2008
TEQ Adam Fragale Lumio Can Do What? 4 2004
YouScience Bevin Nittel The Game-Changing Power of Aptitudes and AI in Education 3 3004

Conference Vendor Locations:

Vendor Name Location Booth Location Contact Email
Alma Cassie Phegley, Eden Ferede Harrell Main Exhibition Hall #7
American College of Education Regina Ceribelli, M.Ed. Main Exhibition Hall #13
Boxlight Jim McHarg Main Exhibition Hall #18
Classlink Margaux Seche, Fred Wolfe Main Exhibition Hall #21, #23,
CodeMonkey Zack Isakow Student Lounge #26, #28 Mark Menzella, Scot Desort, Stephen Bart, Rachelle Manzella Main Exhibition Hall #22, #24, #20
Eduscape Lanie Gordon, Shannon Stut Main Exhibition Hall #5
Eduspire Jaime Thurber, Tony Brubaker Student Lounge #30 Larry Cocco, Lisa Schmucki Main Exhibition Hall #8
ELMO USA Harry Ochiai, David Myott Student Lounge #32
Five Star Technology Solutions Robert Laundrie, Lauren Gayter Main Exhibition Hall #6
Floreo, Inc. Matt Berkowitz Student Lounge #34, #36
Garden State eSports Chris Aviles Student Lounge #31
Harris Education Solutions/Realtime Joe Brislin, Kim Pargas Main Exhibition Hall #16
Keyboard Consultant Tyler Copeland, Wayne Copeland Main Exhibition Hall #2, #4 Charlie Souders, Fran Amar Main Exhibition Hall #9
MSU Computer Science Katherine Hebert Student Lounge #25 herbertk@mail.montclair.ed
MSU Office of Graduate Admissions Courtney Catalano Student Lounge #27
PKA Technologies Michael Ferreira, Joanna Tarkazikis Main Exhibition Hall #15
Sphero Lindsay DeLong Main Exhibition Hall #1, #3
Teq Dean DeVincentis, Allan Simon Main Exhibition Hall #11
Visible Body Krystylynn Stiebritz Main Exhibition Hall #19
White Rock Cybersecurity Odessa Criales-Smith, Cory Duplease, Mark Sangster, Thomas Devoe, Gibson Bardi, Clay Bisher, Dylan Klingensmith Main Exhibition Hall #10,#12,#14
Yogi Berra Museum Jenny Pollack Student Lounge #29
YouScience Bevin Nittel Main Exhibition Hall #17