NJECC Vendor Offers for Member Districts

Here are our vendor offers for this month. The flyer contains vendor contact information. Emails are linked to the representative.

ClassLink - Gary LoMononaco - ClassLink Information Information ClassLink 2021-03- NJECC Email Ad
Custom Computer Specialists - Suzanne Keith - Edge U - Custom Computer Specialists NJECC Flyer March
Educate-me.net - Mark Menzella - Max Device Cases - Educate-me.net NJECC-March-2021 (1)
FactCite - Susan Gall - Subscription Discount - FactCite SPECIAL FOR NJECC MEMBERS
Learning.com - Fran Ammar - Subscription Discount - Learningdotcom_NJECC_March2021_Offer
White Rock Cybersecurity - Odessa Criales-Smith - Microsoft Azure Cloud -White Rock 2021 March_NJECC Microsoft Azure Cloud Q&A (1)